Major publications by the team in recent years
  • 1F. Alvares, E. Rutten, L. Seinturier.

    A Domain-specific Language for The Control of Self-adaptive Component-based Architecture, in: Journal of Systems and Software, January 2017.

  • 2X. An, E. Rutten, J.-P. Diguet, A. Gamatié.

    Model-based design of correct controllers for dynamically reconfigurable architectures, in: ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS), February 2016, vol. 15, no 3.

  • 3N. Berthier, E. Rutten, N. De Palma, S. M.-K. Gueye.

    Designing Autonomic Management Systems by using Reactive Control Techniques, in: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, July 2016, vol. 42, no 7, 18 p.

  • 4J. Cano, G. Delaval, E. Rutten.

    Coordination of ECA rules by verification and control, in: 16th International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages, Berlin, Germany, June 2014, 16 p. p.

  • 5G. Delaval, E. Rutten.

    Reactive model-based control of reconfiguration in the Fractal component-based model, in: Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE), Prague, Czech Republic, 23-25 June, 2010, pp. 93–112, best paper award.

  • 6G. Delaval, E. Rutten, H. Marchand.

    Integrating Discrete Controller Synthesis in a Reactive Programming Language Compiler, in: journal of Discrete Event Dynamic System, jDEDS, special issue on Modeling of Reactive Systems, 2013, vol. 23, no 4, pp. 385-418.

  • 7S. M.-K. Gueye, N. De Palma, E. Rutten, A. Tchana, N. Berthier.

    Coordinating self-sizing and self-repair managers for multi-tier systems, in: Future Generation Computer Systems, June 2014, vol. 35, pp. 14 - 26. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.future.2013.12.037 ]

  • 8N. Khakpour, F. Arbab, E. Rutten.

    Synthesizing structural and behavioral control for reconfigurations in component-based systems, in: Formal Aspects of Computing, December 2015. [ DOI : 10.1007/s00165-015-0346-y ]

  • 9M. Litoiu, M. Shaw, G. Tamura, N. M. Villegas, H. Müller, H. Giese, R. Rouvoy, E. Rutten.

    What Can Control Theory Teach Us About Assurances in Self-Adaptive Software Systems?, in: Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems 3: Assurances, R. de Lemos, D. Garlan, C. Ghezzi, H. Giese (editors), LNCS, Springer, May 2017, vol. 9640.

  • 10M. Louvel, F. Pacull, E. Rutten, A. N. Sylla.

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  • 11N. Zhou, G. Delaval, B. Robu, E. Rutten, J.-F. Méhaut.

    Autonomic Parallelism and Thread Mapping Control on Software Transactional Memory, in: 13th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 2016), Würzburg, Germany, July 2016.

Publications of the year

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • 12C. Hireche, C. Dezan, S. Mocanu, D. Heller, J.-P. Diguet.

    Context/Resource-Aware Mission Planning Based on BNs and Concurrent MDPs for Autonomous UAVs, in: Sensors, December 2018, vol. 18, no 4266, pp. 1-28. [ DOI : 10.3390/s18124266 ]

  • 13N. Zhou, G. Delaval, B. Robu, E. Rutten, J.-F. Méhaut.

    An Autonomic-Computing Approach on Mapping Threads to Multi-cores for Software Transactional Memory, in: Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, September 2018, vol. 30, no 18, e4506. [ DOI : 10.1002/cpe.4506 ]


International Conferences with Proceedings

  • 14N. Berthier, H. Marchand, E. Rutten.

    Symbolic Limited Lookahead Control for Best-effort Dynamic Computing Resource Management, in: WODES 2018 - 14th Workshop on Discrete Event Systems, Sorrento Coast, Italy, Elsevier, May 2018, pp. 1-8. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.ifacol.2018.06.288 ]

  • 15S. M.-K. Gueye, G. Delaval, E. Rutten, J.-P. Diguet.

    Discrete and Logico-numerical Control for Dynamic Partial Reconfigurable FPGA-based Embedded Systems : a Case Study, in: CCTA 2018 - 2nd IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications, Copenhaguen, Denmark, 2nd IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications CCTA, August 2018, pp. 1480-1487.

  • 16S. M.-K. Gueye, G. Delaval, E. Rutten, D. Heller, J.-P. Diguet.

    A Domain-specific Language for Autonomic Managers in FPGA Reconfigurable Architectures, in: ICAC 2018 - 15th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing, Trento, Italy, IEEE, September 2018, pp. 1-10.

  • 17S. M. K. Gueye, E. Rutten, J.-P. Diguet.

    Autonomic Management of Reconfigurations in DPR FPGA-based Embedded System: INVITED TALK EXTENDED ABSTRACT, in: International Workshop on High Performance and Dynamic Reconfigurable Systems and Networks (DRSN 2018), part of HPCS 2018 - International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation, Orléans, France, International Workshop on High Performance and Dynamic Reconfigurable Systems and Networks (DRSN 2018), part of the 2018 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation, HPCS, July 2018, pp. 557 - 558. [ DOI : 10.1109/HPCS.2018.00093 ]

  • 18O. Koucham, S. Mocanu, G. Hiet, J.-M. Thiriet, F. Majorczyk.

    Efficient Mining of Temporal Safety Properties for Intrusion Detection in Industrial Control Systems, in: SAFEPROCESS 2018 - 10th IFAC Symposium on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes, Warsaw, Poland, August 2018, pp. 1-8.

  • 19E. Stahl, A. G. Yabo, O. Richard, B. Bzeznik, B. Robu, E. Rutten.

    Towards a control-theory approach for minimizing unused grid resources, in: AI-Science'18 - workshop on Autonomous Infrastructure for Science, in conjunction with the ACM HPDC 2018, Tempe, AZ, United States, June 2018, pp. 1-8. [ DOI : 10.1145/3217197.3217201 ]

  • 20A. N. Sylla, M. Louvel, E. Rutten, G. Delaval.

    Modular and Hierarchical Discrete Control for Applications and Middleware Deployment in IoT and Smart Buildings, in: CCTA 2018 - 2nd IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2nd IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications CCTA, August 2018, pp. 1472–1479.

  • 21J.-M. Thiriet, S. Mocanu.

    Some Considerations on Dependability Issues and Cyber-Security of Cyber-Physical Systems, in: The 7 th IEEE International Conference on Smart Communications in Network Technologies (SACONET’18), El Oued, Algeria, France, October 2018.


National Conferences with Proceedings

  • 22S. Mocanu.

    Formation cybersécurité des systèmes industriels pour les ingénieurs non-informaticiens, in: RESSI 2018 - Rendez-Vous de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information, Nancy / La Bresse, France, May 2018, pp. 1-3.


Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

  • 23E. Rutten, N. Marchand, D. Simon.

    Feedback Control as MAPE-K loop in Autonomic Computing, in: Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems III. Assurances, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, January 2018, vol. 9640, pp. 349-373. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-319-74183-3_12 ]


Other Publications

  • 24C. Hireche, C. Dezan, J.-P. Diguet, S. Mocanu.

    Planification de Mission de Drone: Implémentation Logicielle/Matérielle, June 2018, GDR SoC2, Poster.

References in notes
  • 25A. Yabo.

    A control-theory approach for cluster autonomic management: maximizing usage while avoiding overload , Masters Thesis, M2R MISCIT, Université Grenoble Alpes, France, 2018.