Section: New Software and Platforms


Keyword: Data structures

Functional Description: The sets library allow to manipulate and operate on sets.

Those can be simple sets: + Empty: + Singleton: 'a' + Finite: 'a', 'b' + Integer subset: |[1, 10]| + Reals subset: [1, inf[ Or, they can be cartesian product of sets: + 'a', 'b' x |[0, 10]| x ]-inf, inf[ Or, they can be incomplete unions of sets: + 'a','b' x |[0, 5]| U 'c' x -|[0, 10]|

In particular, every set is hashable. This operation is non-trivial in the case of an incomplete union (equivalent to an orthogonal polyhedron). An extreme vertices representations, corresponding to the state-of-the-art, is used to implement it.

Various operations are available: + Product (Cartesian) + Measure + Partition + Belonging test + Subset test (Proper) + Equality test + Union + Intersection + Exclusion

  • Contact: Alexandre Pere