Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

Myoelectric prosthesis - PEPS CNRS

PY Oudeyer collaborated with Aymar de Rugy, Daniel Cattaert, Mathilde Couraud, Sébastien Mick and Florent Paclet (INCIA, CNRS/Univ. Bordeaux) about the design of myoelectric robotic prostheses based on the Poppy platform, and on the design of algorithms for co-adaptation learning between the human user and the prosthesis. This was funded by a PEPS CNRS grant.

Poppy Station structure

  • Since 1 september 2017 until february 2019, PerPoppy and Poppy Station Projects : D. Roy, P.-Y. Oudeyer. These projects aim to perpetuate the Poppy robot ecosystem by creating an external structure from outside Inria, with various partners. After the Poppy Robot Project, the Poppy Education Project has ended and Poppy Station structure is born. PerPoppy is the project which is building the new structure, and Poppy Station is the name of the new structure. Poppy Station, which includes Poppy robot ecosystem (hardware, software, community) from the beginning, is a place of excellence to build future educational robots and to design pedagogical activities to teach computer science, robotics and Artificial Intelligence. https://www.poppystation.org

  • Partners of Poppy Station : Inria, La Ligue de l’Enseignement, HESAM Université, SNCF Développement, IFÉ-ENS Lyon, MOBOTS – EPFL, Génération Robots, Pollen Robotics, KONEXInc.