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  • The Inria's Research Teams produce an annual Activity Report presenting their activities and their results of the year. These reports include the team members, the scientific program, the software developed by the team and the new results of the year. The report also describes the grants, contracts and the activities of dissemination and teaching. Finally, the report gives the list of publications of the year.

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Section: New Software and Platforms

Kinect 2 Server

Kinect 2 server

Keywords: Depth Perception - Speech recognition - Gesture recognition - Kinect

Functional Description: The server written in C# uses the Kinect SDK v2 to get the RGBD raw image, skeleton tracking information, recognized speech. It also uses the text-to-speech from Microsoft. Then it streams JSON data over the network using the Publisher/Subscriber pattern from the ZeroMQ network library. A Linux client has been written in Python but it can be written in any other language that is compatible with ZeroMQ. Features are controllable through a Graphical User Interface on Windows, or through the code from any Linux/Windows client. The clients can for instance enable features (speech recognition on, skeleton tracking off, …) and parameters (set new speech to recognize, change language, …) from remote.