Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


MapMuxing - Multi-dimensional Map Multiplexing. (2014-2018) Funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR). In collaboration with IGN (Institut National de l'Information Géographique et Forestière): 208Keuros/499Keuros. Participants: Emmanuel Pietriga (PI), Caroline Appert, Olivier Chapuis. http://mapmuxing.ign.fr

The project explores novel ways of combining different maps and data layers into a single cartographic representation, and investigates novel interaction techniques for navigating in it. The project aims at going beyond the traditional pan & zoom and overview+detail interface schemes, and at designing and evaluating novel cartographic visualizations that rely on high-quality generalization, i.e., the simplification of geographic data to make it legible at a given map scale, and symbol specification.

Inria - Ministère de la Culture

Visual Exploration of Linked Data on BnF's data portal (2017-2018) Funded by the French Ministère de la Culture and Inria. 65Keuros. Participants: Emmanuel Pietriga (PI), Caroline Appert, Hande Gözükan, Marie Destandau, Léo Colombaro.

The project explores novel ways of visually navigating the data exposed by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France as linked data on http://data.bnf.fr.

Inria Project Lab (IPL)

ILDA participates to Inria Project Lab iCODA : Data Journalism : knowledge-mediated Content and Data Interactive Analytics, that started in 2017. A key issue in data science is the design of algorithms that enable analysts to infer information and knowledge by exploring heterogeneous information sources, structured data, or unstructured content. With journalism data as a landmark use-case, iCODA aims to develop the scientific and technological foundation for collaborative, heterogeneous data analysis, guided by formalized, user-centric knowledge. The project relies on realistic scenarios in data-journalism to assess the contribution of the project to this area. iCODA is at the crossroads of several research areas (content analysis, data management, knowledge representation, visualization) and is part of a club of partners of the world of the press. Equipes-projets Inria : Graphik, Ilda, Linkmedia, Cedar. Press partners: Le Monde, OuestFrance, AFP. Participants: Anastasia Bezerianos (PI), Emmanuel Pietriga, Tong Xue, Nicole Barbosa Sultanum.


VizGest. (2018) Funded by CNRS. In collaboration with LIMSI. 17Keuros. Participants: C. Appert (PI).

Interacting with multi-display environments often involves using mid-air gestures that do not require any proximity between users and displays. However, mid-air gestures are not visible to users. VizGest aims at giving some visibility to mid-air gestures by means of annotations put in the physical environment thanks to augmented reality glasses.