Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Operational research - Optimization - Java

Functional Description: This software is a prototype developed for the bilateral contract with the company HappyChic. This software is a solver for an integrated warehouse order picking problem with manual picking operations. More precisely, the following problems are solved: (1) the assignment of references to storage positions, based on the iterative solving of minimum cost flow problems, (2) the division of clients orders into several parcels, respecting weight and size constraints, using a dynamic programming algorithm based on the split algorithm, (3) the batching of parcels into trolleys to perform picking tours, using a dynamic programming algorithm based on the split algorithm. The objective function is to minimize the total walking distance. This software is designed to deal with the large-sized industrial instances of HappyChic (considering hundreds of clients, thousands of positions and product references) in a short computation time (few minutes).

  • Contact: Maxime Ogier