Section: New Software and Platforms


Planning Adapter Performing ReRouting and Optimization of Timing

Keywords: Decision aid - Railway - Scheduling

Functional Description: This is a decision support system addressing the problem of the rescheduling railway schedules on the Belgian network when maintenance operations are planned in the short term (2-3 weeks in advance). The deliverable is a software tool that will take as input: (1) the schedules initially planned for the different trains, (2) the initial routes of the trains, (3) maintenance operations / changes of elements in the form of constraints (unavailable routes etc.). He then provides in output: (1) the new train schedule, (2) the new routing of the fleet. The modifications must respect the constraints corresponding to the operations of maintenance. For example, in some cases it is common to leave at least a few minutes interval between two trains using the same track in the station. This constraint must then be propagated if a maintenance operation delays the arrival of a train. New schedules and routings have to be created following a specific goal. Changes made to schedules and routings must minimize: (1) variations on the time spent at the station, (2) the number of partially canceled trains (additional correspondence (s) or stations that are no longer served), (2) the number of fully canceled trains (no stations served).

  • Contact: Martine Labbe