Section: Dissemination


Articles and contents

  • Interviews in order to popularize: Guillaume Gravier was interviewed on AI technology for Sciences Ouest

  • Vincent Claveau gave interviews about Fake News detection in the following journals: Stratégies 06/06/2018 and 12/10/2018, LCI.fr 8/06/2018, Le Monde.fr 24/05/2018, Sciences Ouest n363, Sciences et Avenir 30/05/2018 and xx/12/2018, 01net n894

  • Ewa Kijak was interviewed by LeTemps.ch


  • Public exhibitions: Vincent Claveau and Guillaume Gravier presented at Futur.e.s

  • Vincent Claveau participated in a press conference organized by the CNRS in May 2018

  • Vincent Claveau gave an invited talk about NLP and fake news at the Forum des sciences cognitives in Nancy

  • Vincent Claveau was heard at the French National Assembly by the parliamentary group Économie numérique de la donnée, de la connaissance et de l'intelligence artificielle

  • Miaojing Shi was invited for a panel discussion about China is AI: perspective on the booming Chinese AI ecosystem at FranceIsAI, Oct 2018, Paris.

  • Miaojing Shi was invited to the 2nd Edition of the Purple Night organized by the France China Committee in order to value the Franco-Chinese cooperation.

Internal action

  • Regional events: Guillaume Gravier was invited conferencer on AI for Café des Sciences (general public audience, 100 pers.)

Creation of media or tools for science outreach

  • Cédric Maigrot and Vincent Claveau participated to the educational video from Cité des Sciences about Fake News detection https://bit.ly/2Rz7MAp