Section: Overall Objectives

Multi-physics numerical modeling

We aim at a step change in multi-physics numerical modeling by developing two fundamental enablers:

  • reduced-order models;

  • hierarchical Cartesian schemes.

Reduced-order models (ROMs) are simplified mathematical models derived from the full set of PDEs governing the physics of the phenomenon of interest. ROMs can be obtained exploiting first principles or be data-driven. With ROMs one trades accuracy for speed and scalability, and counteracts the curse of dimensionality of traditional high-fidelity solvers by significantly reducing the computational complexity. ROMs represent an ideal building block for systems with real-time requirements, like interactive decision support systems that offer the possibility to rapidly explore various alternatives.

Hierarchical Cartesian schemes allow the multi-scale solution of PDEs on non body-fitted meshes with a drastic reduction of the computational setup overhead. These methods are easily parallelizable and they can efficiently be mapped to high-performance computer architectures. They avoid dealing with grid generation, a prohibitive task when the boundaries are moving and the topology is complex and unsteady.