Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events Organisation

General Chair, Scientific Chair
  • Anne-Hélène Olivier, Workshop VHCIE 2018, IEEE VR 2018, Reutlingen, Germany, March 2018

  • Anne-Hélène Olivier, Workshop "walkers behaviour: from analysis to applications", Rennes, June 2018, broadcasted as a Webinar for the International Society of Posture and Gait Research.

Scientific Events Selection

Chair of Conference Program Committees
  • Ludovic Hoyet: Animation & Simulation Area Program Chair, International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications 2019, Prague, Czech Republic, Feb. 2019

  • Anne-Hélène Olivier: co-chair of the IEEE VR 2019 Conference paper track, Osaka, Japan.

Member of the Conference Program Committees
  • Ludovic Hoyet, ACM Motion in Games MIG 2018, Cyprus, Nov. 2018

  • Ludovic Hoyet, ACM Symposium on Applied Perception 2018, Vancouver, Canada, Aug. 2018

  • Ludovic Hoyet, ACM Siggraph Asia Courses 2018, Tokyo, Japan, Deb. 2018

  • Anne-Hélène Olivier, ACM Motion in Games MIG 2018, Cyprus, Nov. 2018

  • Anne-Hélène Olivier, Euro-VR 2018 London, UK, October 2018.

  • Franck Multon, ACM Motion in Games MIG 2018, Cyprus, Nov. 2018

  • Franck Multon, Computer Animation and Social Agents 2018, Beijing, May 2018

  • Marc Christie, ACM Motion in Games 2018, Cyprus, Nov. 2018

  • Marc Christie, ACM TVX 2018, Seoul, June. 2018

  • Richard Kulpa, International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (GRAPP), 2018

  • Ludovic Hoyet, ACM Siggraph 2018, IEEE VR 2019, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

  • Anne-Hélène Olivier, IEEE VR 2019 TVCG Conference paper, ACM VRST 2018, IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition

  • Richard Kulpa, IEEE VR, ACM CHI (Computer Human Interface), Computer & Graphics

  • Franck Multon, IEEE VR 2019, Pacific Graphics 2018

  • Marc Christie, ACM Siggraph, ACM Siggraph Asia, ACM CHI, Eurographics


Member of the Editorial Boards
  • Franck Multon, Presence, MIT Press

  • Franck Multon, Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds CAVW, John Wiley

  • Antonio Mucherino, Guest Editor of Optimization Letters, Springer

  • Armel Crétual, Editorial board of Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology

  • Marc Christie, Associate Editor of the Visual Computer

Reviewer - Reviewing Activities
  • Franck Multon, Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, Applied Ergonomics, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, International Journal of Industrial and Operations Research, Human Movement Sciences

  • Ludovic Hoyet, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Computers & Graphics, Computer Graphics Forum, ACM Transactions on Applied Perception

  • Anne-Hélène Olivier, Gait and Posture, Human Movement Science, TVCG, CAG, Transactions on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering, VIRE

  • Antonio Mucherino, Journal of Global Optimization, Springer, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Elsevier

  • Armel Crétual, ACM Transactions on Graphics, Clinical Biomechanics, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters

  • Richard Kulpa, PlosOne, Journal of Sport Science, Human Movement Science, Sports Medicine, Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching,

  • Marc Christie, IEEE TVCG, The Visual Computer, CGF

  • Charles Pontonnier, Applied Ergonomics, Multibody System Dynamics

Invited Talks

  • Anne-Hélène Olivier, IFSTTAR Marne la Vallée, March 2018

  • Ludovic Hoyet, IFSTTAR Marne la Vallée, March 2018

  • Charles Pontonnier, EMC2 Institute, Matinale "Opérateur du futur", November 2018

  • Marc Christie, ACM TVX, Seoul, Korea, 2018

  • Marc Christie, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, China, October 2018

  • Marc Christie, ChinaVR, Qingdao, China, October 2018

  • Franck Multon, Université Reims Champagne Ardennes, July 2018

  • Franck Multon, Université Paris Sud, July 2018

Scientific Expertise

  • Franck Multon, ANR expert, member of the ANR CPDS 4 "Santé Bien-être" through the Allistene national Alliance to design the next ANR call for projects,

  • Armel Crétual, ANR expert (TecSan)

Research Administration

  • Franck Multon is member of the University Rennes2 Research steering committee "commission recherche", and Academic Council "CAC"

  • Franck Multon is coordinator of Inria national initiative "Sport @ Inria" in relation with the French Ministry of Sports, and the French Ministry of Research, for Olympic Games 2024

  • Ludovic Hoyet is an elected member of the Board of Managers for the French Computer Graphics Association (Association Française d'Informatique Graphique) since Oct. 2017

  • Georges Dumont is president of the elected group at scientific council of École Normale Supérieure de Rennes, member of the scientific council of École Normale Supérieure de Rennes

  • Georges Dumont is scientific head of Immerstar platforms (Immersia + Immermove) jointly for Inria and Irisa Partners

  • Richard Kulpa is member of the University Rennes2 Research steering committee "commission recherche", Academic Council "CAC" and Committee of International Affairs "CAI"il "CAC",

  • Benoit Bideau is director of the M2S Lab

  • Fabrice Lamarche is an elected member of the CNU (French National Cuoncil of Universities).