Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

Franck Multon has been recruited as full-time researcher with a national coordination task for the Olympic Games 2024 (SportInria project). He is the national contact for Performance2024, a national initiative from the French Ministry of Sports, and the French Ministry of Research (MESRI) to support fundamental and applied research in collaboration with sports federation for the Olympic Games 2024. Together with Richard Kulpa and Benoit Bideau, they have been responsible to write a call for national proposals "Liv Lab Sports" from the French Ministry of Sports, to develop areas where people can test and train to sports using new technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality. MimeTIC is also globally involved in the Sciences2024 project leaded by Ecole Polytechnique to enhance collaborations between research groups and French Sports federations. All these involvements demonstrate the national visibility of MimeTIC as a leading research group in applying new technologies for sports.

Two papers on the topic of drone cinematography were presented at SIGGRAPH 2018, the main conference in Computer Graphics and Interaction. The first paper focused on reactive path planning techniques in a specific parametric space (Toric Space) to move cinematographic drones with respect to dynamic targets and obstacles, and to coordinate the motion of multiple drones. The second paper focused on static path planning techniques to construct aesthetic overviews of buildings by integrating viewpoint quality metrics and motion quality metrics.

The team released the CusToM OpenSource Software. Customizable Toolbox for Musculoskeletal simulation (CusToM) is a MATLAB toolbox aimed at performing inverse dynamics-based musculoskeletal analyzes. This type of analysis is essential to access mechanical quantities of human motion in different fields such as clinic, ergonomics and sports. CusToM exhibits several features. It can generate a personalized musculoskeletal model, and can solve from motion capture data inverse kinematics, external forces estimation, inverse dynamics and muscle forces estimation problems with a high level of customization for research purposes. It is also designed for non-expert users interested in motion analysis. CusToM is an OpenSource Software with a github repository available with no restriction.


Best presentation award for Amaury Louarn in ACM Motion Interaction and Games in Cyprus, November 2018, for the paper "Automated Staging for Virtual Cinematography" .

Kimea project has been granted by national innovation committee: "French IoT La Poste challenge" in June 2018.

Best Paper Award:
A. Louarn, M. Christie, F. Lamarche.

Automated Staging for Virtual Cinematography, in: MIG 2018 - 11th annual conference on Motion, Interaction and Games, Limassol, Cyprus, November 2018, pp. 1-10. [ DOI : 10.1145/3274247.3274500 ]