Section: Research Program

Dynamic Shape Vision

Dynamic Shape Vision refers to research themes that consider the motion of dynamic shapes, with e.g. shapes in different poses, or the deformation between different shapes, with e.g. different human bodies. This includes for instance shape tracking, shape registration, all these themes being covered by MORPHEO. While progress has been made over the last decade in this domain, challenges remain, in particular due to the required essential task of shape correspondence that is still difficult to perform robustly. Strategies in this domain can be roughly classified into two categories: (i) data driven approaches that learn shape spaces and estimate shapes and their variations through space parameterizations; (ii) model based approaches that use more or less constrained prior models on shape evolutions, e.g. locally rigid structures, to recover correspondences. The MORPHEO team is substantially involved in the second category that leaves more flexibility for shapes that can be modeled, an important feature with the Kinovis platform. The team is anyway also considering the first category with faces and body under clothes modeling, classes of shapes that are more likely to evolve in spaces with reasonable dimensions. The originality of MORPHEO in this axis is to go beyond static shape poses and to consider also the dynamics of shape over several frames when modeling moving shapes, this in particular with shape tracking, animation and, more recently, with face registration.