Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

Numerical study of light absorption in a photovoltaic glass

Participants : Alexis Gobé, Badre Kerzabi [Sunpartner Technologies, Rousset] , Stéphane Lanteri.

Sunpartner Technologies is a company in the field of novel technologies for a sustainable environment, which develops innovative photovoltaic solutions dedicated to the connected object, building and transport markets. In particular, the company is designing devices using solar energy to improve the autonomy of connected objects such as smartphones. Supartner Technologies also offers glass modules that can be integrated on the screen of a watch or a smart e-reader, for example. These glass modules are transparent and integrate photovoltaic cells to recover solar energy in order to recharge the batteries. In all these products, nanostructuring of constituent materials is an exploited strategy to maximize the absorption of sunlight. In addition to measurement, the simulation of the interaction between light and nanostructured matter is an important ingredient in the implementation of this strategy. As an extension of the simulation, the optimization of nanostructuring makes it possible to explore many solutions before the design stage. In the context of this partnership that has started this year, we aim at adapting and applying a DGTD solver from the DIOGENeS software suite to characterize and further optimize the nanostructuring of a photovoltaic glass.