Section: New Software and Platforms


The AmiQual4Home Innovation Factory is an open research facility for innovation and experimentation with human-centered services based on the use of large-scale deployment of interconnected digital devices capable of perception, action, interaction and communication. The Innovation Factory is composed of a collection of workshops for rapid creation of prototypes, surrounded by a collection of living labs and supported by an industrial innovation and transfer service. Creation of the Innovation Factory has been made possible by a grant from French National programme Investissement d'avenir, together with substantial contributions of resources by Grenoble INP, Univ Joseph Fourier, UPMF, CNRS, Schneider Electric and the Communaute de Communes of Montbonnot. The objective is to provide the academic and industrial communities with an open platform to enable research on design, integration and evaluation of systems and services for smart habitats.

The AmiQual4Home Innovation Factory is a unique combination of three different innovation instruments:

  1. Workshops for rapid prototyping of devices that embed perception, action, interaction and communication in ordinary objects based on the MIT FabLab model,

  2. Facilities for real-world test and evaluation of devices and services organized as open Living Labs,

  3. Resources for assisting students, researchers, entrepreneurs and industrial partners in creating new economic activities.

The AmiQual4Home Innovation Factory works with the Inovallee TARMAC technology incubator as well as the SAT Linksium to proved innovation and transfer services to enable students, researchers and local entrepreneurs to create and grow new commercial activities based on smart objects and services.