Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

Pervasive has a contract with Orange Labs, Meylan, for supervision of the doctoral research of Julien Cumin for Learning daily routines by observing activity in a smart home

Members of the Pervasive interaction team are work with Orange Labs on techniques for observing activity and learning routines in a smart home. Activity is observed by monitoring use of electrical appliances and Communications media (Telephone, Television, Internet). Activities are described using Bayesian Situation Modeling techniques demonstrated in earlier projects. A log of daily activities is used to discover daily routines expressed as temporal sequences of contexts, where each context is expressed as a network of situations. Experiments will be performed using the Smart home living lab that has been constructed as part of the EquipEx Amiqual4home.

Toutilo project

Participants: Stan Borkoswki, Dominique Vaufreydaz, Joelle Coutaz, James Crowley, Giovanni Balestrieri, Anthony Chavoutier

Partners: Inria, Touti Terre

Touti Terre is a pioneer startup in the use of agricultural robotics for market gardening, developing innovative solutions to make working the land easier and farms sustainable. The Toutirobo-2 Inria innovation lab proposes the design of on overall IT solution for their cobot solution: the Toutilo robot. This project aims at providing significant time and productivity gains for its users. Thanks to the support of the experimentation and prototyping platform Amiqual4Home, members of the Pervasive team contribute to this project on several innovation topics: farm and vehicle management, autonomous guidance, navigation and planning, and interaction systems adapted to farm jobs. boisi

IRT Silver Economy

Participants: James Crowley, Maxime Belgodere

Partners: CEA, Schneider Electric.

Members of the Pervasive Interaction team are working with the CEA and Schneider Electric to develop environmental sensors that can detect when a hospital patient or elderly person has fallen and is unable to get up. The project uses an infrared Bolometric image sensor to observe human activity. Image processing and fall detection logic are to be performed by an embedded image processor on board.