Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


  • ANR project NonlocalDD (Non-local domain decomposition methods in electromagnetics)

    Partners: Inria Alpines, Inria POEMS, Inria Magique 3D

    Start: 10/2015. End: 09/2019. Administrator: Inria

    Participants of POEMS: S. Chaillat, P. Joly

    Coordinator: X. Claeys (LJLL, EPI ALPINES)

  • ANR project MODULATE (Modeling lOng-perioD groUnd motions, and assessment of their effects on Large-scale infrAsTructurEs)

    Partners: ENSTA (UME), Inria POEMS, CentraleSupelec, BRGM, GDS

    Start: 11/2018. End: 10/2021. Administrator: ENSTA

    Participant of POEMS: S. Chaillat

    Coordinator: K. Meza Fajardo (BRGM)


  • Contracts between DGA and POEMS:

    • Contract on inverse problems

      Participants: L. Bourgeois

      Start: 10/2016. End: 09/2018. Administrator: ENSTA

    • Contract on boundary element methods and high-frequency problems

      Participants: E. Lunéville, M. Lenoir, N. Kielbasiewicz.

      Start: 10/2015. End: 2021. Administrator: ENSTA

      In partnership with F. Alouges and M. Aussal (CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique).

    • Contract on the preconditioning of fast BEM solvers

      Participants: S. Chaillat, F. Amlani

      Start: 10/2017. End: 12/2018. Administrator: ENSTA

  • DGA provides partial funding for several PhD students:

    • A. Bera on the design of invisible obstacles for acoustic and electromagnetic waves (Start: 10/2016)

    • C. Beneteau on the asymptotic analysis of time harmonic Maxwell equations in presence of metamaterials (Start: 10/2017)

    • D. Chicaud on domain decomposition methods for time-harmonic electromagnetic wave problems with complex media (Start: 10/2018)