Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events Organisation

General Chair, Scientific Chair

Panayotis Mertikopoulos was involved in the following events:

  • 2018 French Days on Optimization and Decision Science (“Journées SMAI MODE 2018”): general co-chair

  • 2018 Paris Symposium on Game Theory (Paris, June 2018): co-organizer

  • GDO '18: the 2018 Workshop on Games, Dynamics, and Optimization (Vienna, March 2018): co-organizer

Scientific Events Selection

Chair of Conference Program Committees
  • SBAC-PAD 2018 (Arnaud Legrand: chair of the performance evaluation track)

Member of the Conference Program Committees
  • Performance 2018 (Bruno Gaujal, Nicolas Gast)

  • SIGMETRICS 2018 (Nicolas Gast)

  • WiOpt 2018 (Bruno Gaujal, Patrick Loiseau)

  • NetGCoop 2018 (Bruno Gaujal, Patrick Loiseau)

  • NIPS 2018 (Panayotis Mertikopoulos, Patrick Loiseau)

  • ICML 2018 (Patrick Loiseau)

  • SuperComputing 2018 (Arnaud Legrand)

  • RescueHPC 2018 (Arnaud Legrand)

  • EPEW 2018 (Jean-Marc Vincent)

  • Valuetools 2018 (Jean-Marc Vincent)

  • NetEcon 2018 (Patrick Loiseau)


Member of the Editorial Boards

Patrick Loiseau is Associate Editor of ACM Trans. on Internet Technology and of IEEE Trans. on Big Data.

Invited Talks

  • Arnaud Legrand gave a keynote on “Simulation of Large-Scale Distributed Computing Infrastructures” at Orange Labs, Chatillon, October 2018 and on “Reproducible Research”at Inria Rennes in May 2018.

  • Bruno Gaujal gave invited presentations at Paris Symposium on Game Theory (Paris), International Symposium on Dynamic Games (Grenoble), New trends in Scheduling (Aussois).

  • Panayotis Mertikopoulos gave invited presentations at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland on Efficient network utility maximization algorithms, at National Technical University of Athens (Athens Polytechnic) Athens, Greece on Traffic in congested networks: Equilibrium, efficiency, and dynamics, at GDO 2018 in Vienna, Austria, and on Bandit learning in concave N-person games, at UC Berkeley (Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing), USA on Online learning in games.