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Overall Objectives
Application Domains

Section: New Results

Remote entanglement stabilization and concentration by quantum reservoir engineering

Participants: Nicolas Didier, Jérémie Guillaud, Mazyar Mirrahimi

Quantum information processing in a modular architecture requires the distribution, stabilization, and distillation of entanglement in a qubit network. We present autonomous entanglement stabilization protocols between two superconducting qubits that are coupled to distant cavities. The coupling between cavities is mediated and controlled via a three-wave mixing device that generates either a two-mode squeezed state or a delocalized mode between the remote cavities depending on the pump applied to the mixer. Local drives on the qubits and the cavities steer and maintain the system to the desired qubit Bell state. Most spectacularly, even a weakly squeezed state can stabilize a maximally entangled Bell state of two distant qubits through an autonomous entanglement concentration process. Moreover, we show that such reservoir-engineering-based protocols can stabilize entanglement in the presence of qubit-cavity asymmetries and losses. This work was published in [12].