Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry


Participants: Henrique Rocha, Marcus Denker, Stéphane Ducasse

From 2016, ongoing.

We started a new collaboration with a local startup (UTOCAT) about tools and languages in the context of Blockchain systems. The collaboration started with a 2 month exploration phase involving an engineer at Inria Tech. A postdoc started in 2017.

Pharo Consortium

Participants: Esteban Lorenzano, Clément Béra, Marcus Denker, Stéphane Ducasse

From 2012, ongoing.

The Pharo Consortium was founded in 2012 and is growing constantly. By the end 2018, it has 32 company members, 17 academic partners. Inria supports the consortium with one full time engineer starting in 2011. In 2018, the Pharo Consortium joined InriaSoft.

More at http://consortium.pharo.org.