Section: New Software and Platforms


KiloWatt API

Keyword: Power monitoring

Functional Description: Kwapi is a software framework dealing with energy monitoring of large scale infrastructures through heterogeneous energy sensors. Kwapi has been designed inside the FSN XLCloud project for Openstack infrastructures. Through the support of Hemera Inria project, kwapi has been extended and deployed in production mode to support easy and large scale energy profiling of the Grid5000 resources. Kwapi now supports high frequency powermeters of the Grid5000 Lyon platform.

Release Functional Description: - many bugfixes - multiprocessing instead of multithreading - many optimizations

  • Participants: François Rossigneux, Jean-Patrick Gelas, Laurent Lefèvre, Laurent Pouilloux, Simon Delamare and Matthieu Imbert

  • Contact: Laurent Lefèvre

  • URL: https://launchpad.net/kwapi