Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Toolbox - Deployment - Orchestration - Python

Functional Description: Execo offers a Python API for asynchronous control of local or remote, standalone or parallel, unix processes. It is especially well suited for quickly and easily scripting workflows of parallel/distributed operations on local or remote hosts: automate a scientific workflow, conduct computer science experiments, perform automated tests, etc. The core python package is execo. The execo_g5k package provides a set of tools and extensions for the Grid5000 testbed. The execo_engine package provides tools to ease the development of computer sciences experiments.

Release Functional Description: - misc python3 support fixes - basic documentation for wheezy compatible package build - remove some debug outputs - fix crash in processes conductor in some situations - improve/fix process stdout/stderr handlers - fix get_cluster_network_equipments - add a FAQ