Section: New Software and Platforms


Platform: Grid'5000

Participants : Laurent Lefèvre, Simon Delamare, David Loup, Christian Perez.

Functional Description

The Grid'5000 experimental platform is a scientific instrument to support computer science research related to distributed systems, including parallel processing, high performance computing, cloud computing, operating systems, peer-to-peer systems and networks. It is distributed on 10 sites in France and Luxembourg, including Lyon. Grid'5000 is a unique platform as it offers to researchers many and varied hardware resources and a complete software stack to conduct complex experiments, ensure reproducibility and ease understanding of results. In 2018, a new generation of high speed wattmeters has been deployed on the Lyon site. They allow energy monitoring with up to 50 measurements per second. In parallel, a new version of kwapi (software stack for energy monitoring) has been proposed and redesigned.

Platform: Leco

Participants : Thierry Gautier, Laurent Lefèvre, Christian Perez.

Functional Description

The Leco experimental platform is a new medium size scientific instrument funded by DRRT to investigate research related to BigData and HPC. It is located in Grenoble as part of the the HPCDA computer managed by UMS GRICAD. The platform has been deployed in 2018 and was available for experiment since the summer. All the nodes of the platform are instrumented to capture the energy consumption and data are available through the Kwapi software.

  • Contact: Thierry Gautier

Platform: SILECS

Participants : Laurent Lefèvre, Simon Delamare, Christian Perez.

Functional Description

The SILECS infrastructure (IR ministère) aims at providing an experimental platform for experimental computer Science (Internet of things, clouds, HPC, big data, etc. ). This new infrastructure is based on two existing infrastructures, Grid'5000 and FIT.