Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Grants with Industry

  • EDF (Cifre PhD grant): "Advanced modelling of heat transfer for industrial configurations with or without accounting of the solid wall", PhD student: Gaëtan Mangeon

  • EDF (Cifre PhD grant): "Hybrid RANS/LES modelling for unsteady loadings in turbulent flows", PhD student: Vladimir Duffal

  • IFPEN (PhD grant): "3D simulation of non-reactive internal aerodynamics of spark-ignition engines using an hybrid RANS/LES method", PhD sutdent: Hassan Al Afailal

  • PSA (Cifre PhD grant): "Turbulence modelling in the mixed and natural convection regimes in the context of automotive applications", PhD student: Saad Jameel.

  • Dassault Aviation (Cifre PhD grant): "Amélioration des modèles pour la turbulence. Applications à la prédiction des écoulements aérodynamiques.", PhD student: Gustave Sporschill.