Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Visualization - DWI - Health - Segmentation - Medical imaging

Scientific Description: MedInria aims at creating an easily extensible platform for the distribution of research algorithms developed at Inria for medical image processing. This project has been funded by the D2T (ADT MedInria-NT) in 2010, renewed in 2012. A fast-track ADT was awarded in 2017 to transition the software core to more recent dependencies and study the possibility of a consortium creation.The Empenn team leads this Inria national project and participates in the development of the common core architecture and features of the software as well as in the development of specific plugins for the team's algorithm.

Functional Description: MedInria is a free software platform dedicated to medical data visualization and processing.

  • Participants: Maxime Sermesant, Olivier Commowick and Théodore Papadopoulo

  • Partners: HARVARD Medical School - IHU - LIRYC - NIH

  • Contact: Olivier Commowick

  • URL: https://med.inria.fr