Section: New Results

Inland flow processes

Shallow water models with porosity

We propose in [10] a discussion on the publication 'Dam break in rectangular channels with different upstream-downstream widths' (Valiani and Caleffi, 2019). The authors consider an augmented shallow water system for modelling the dam-break problem in a channel with discontinuous width and present its analytical solutions depending on the upstream-downstream water depth and channel's width ratios. In this discussion we contest the conservation of the hydraulic head through the width's discontinuity, which is stated by the authors, and we exemplify it by performing 2D Shallow water simulations reproducing some test cases presented in the paper.


A book chapter entitled Space-time simulations of extreme rainfall : why and how ? involving among others two members of the team, Vincent Guinot and Gwladys Toulemonde has been written and accepted for publication [6]. The book whose title is Mathematical Modeling of Random and Deterministic Phenomena will be published by Wiley. This chapter aims to present practical interest of doing space-time simulations of extreme rainfall and to propose a state-of-art about that.