Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Most non permanent researchers have teaching activities in Sorbonne Université. We detail below only some of the teaching activities of permanent researchers.

  • N. Pouradier Duteil, “Travaux de Recherche Encadrés”, 10h, M1, Jussieu

  • D. Drasdo, “Agent-based models of tissue organization”, Paris 24 h / yr, M2 course, UPMC, Paris, France

  • D. Drasdo: "Integrated and spatial-temporal multiscale modeling of liver guide in vivo experiments in healthy & chronic disease states: a blue print for systems medicine?", M2 course, 1 h, Ecole Polytechnique, France

  • D. Peurichard, TD M1 in Jussieu, "Fondements des méthodes numériques", 40h

  • D. Peurichard, M1 TD in Jussieu, "Approximation des EDP", 24h

  • D. Peurichard, M2 4 hours course in Strasbourg in the interdisciplinary program entitled 'Physique Cellulaire'

  • B. Perthame, M2 course “Introduction to mathematical biology”

  • M. Doumic, M2 Course "Inverse Problems in Population Dynamics"

(24 hours)


  • PhD in progress:

    • P.-A. Bliman is co-advisor of the PhD student Pastor E. Pére-Estigarribia (with Ch. Schaerer, at UNA, Paraguay);

    • L. Almeida is Emma Leschiera's co-supervisor (with Chloé Audebert, Sorbonne Université, and Tommaso Lorenzi, St Andrew's university) and Jesus Bellver Arnau's supervisor;

    • M. Doumic is Mathieu Mezache's co-supervisor (with H. Rezaei, Inra - defended in December 2019), Cécile della Valle's co-supervisor (with Philippe Moireau, Inria Saclay), Julia Delacour's co-supervisor (with Christian Schmeiser, Vienna), Hugo Martin's co-supervisor (with Pierre Gabriel, Université de Versailles-St Quentin - defended in July 2019), Adrien Ellis' co-supervisor (with Marc Hoffmann, Université Paris Dauphine - begun in October 2019) and Anaïs Rat co-supervisor (with Magali Tournus, Centrale Marseille - begun in October 2019);

    • B. Perthame is Alexandre Poulain's supervisor, Giorgia Ciavovella's co-supervisor (with Roberto Natalini, Roma), Federica Bubba's co-supervisor (with Pasquale Ciarletta, Politecnico di Milano) and Noemi David's co-supervisor (with, University of Bologna);

    • Diane Peurichard is Valeria Caliaro's supervisor;

    • Philippe Robert is Gaëtan Vignoud's advisor.

  • M2 internship: P.-A. Bliman was Mahamadou Sylla's advisor; M. Doumic was Adrien Ellis' advisor; D. Peurichard was Valeria Caliaro's advisor; Luis Almeida is Jesus Bellver Arnau's supervisor and Jorge Hernandez co-supervisor.


  • J. Clairambault's international project evaluation activity in 2019: ICREA, EPSRC

  • J. Clairambault's PhD defence committees: Ghassen Haddad (JC supervisor), Paris March 1st; Mohammed Ladjimi, Lille, September 25.

  • J. Clairambault is member of the ANR evaluation panel “Mathematics and their interactions for biology and health”

  • M. Doumic is a member of the interdisciplinary committee 51 of CNRS (CID51): selection committee for junior and senior research scientists of CNRS.

  • M. Doumic was a member of the Inria Paris research center selection committee for junior scientists.

  • M. Doumic's Ph.D defence committees: Hugo Martin (MD supervisor), July Paris, Frédérique Robin (MD chair), September 26, Paris; Emma Horton (MD reviewer), November 14th, Bath; Mathieu Mezache (MD supervisor), December 17th, Paris; Samuel Nordmann, October 11th, Paris.

  • D. Peurichard is a member of the Inria "Comission des emplois scientifiques" for selecting PhD, delegation and post-doctoral candidates at Inria.

  • D. Peurichard is a member of the ARP/SRP selection comittee for Inria.