Section: New Software and Platforms


Customizable Toolbox for Musculoskeletal simulation

Keywords: Biomechanics - Dynamic Analysis - Kinematics - Simulation - Mechanical multi-body systems

Scientific Description: The present toolbox aims at performing a motion analysis thanks to an inverse dynamics method.

Before performing motion analysis steps, a musculoskeletal model is generated. Its consists of, first, generating the desire anthropometric model thanks to models libraries. The generated model is then kinematical calibrated by using data of a motion capture. The inverse kinematics step, the inverse dynamics step and the muscle forces estimation step are then successively performed from motion capture and external forces data. Two folders and one script are available on the toolbox root. The Main script collects all the different functions of the motion analysis pipeline. The Functions folder contains all functions used in the toolbox. It is necessary to add this folder and all the subfolders to the Matlab path. The Problems folder is used to contain the different study. The user has to create one subfolder for each new study. Once a new musculoskeletal model is used, a new study is necessary. Different files will be automaticaly generated and saved in this folder. All files located on its root are related to the model and are valuable whatever the motion considered. A new folder will be added for each new motion capture. All files located on a folder are only related to this considered motion.

Functional Description: Inverse kinematics Inverse dynamics Muscle forces estimation External forces prediction