Section: New Software and Platforms

Immerstar Platform

Participants : Georges Dumont [contact] , Ronan Gaugne, Anthony Sorel, Richard Kulpa.

With the two platforms of virtual reality, Immersia (http://www.irisa.fr/immersia/) and Immermove (http://m2slab.com/index.php/facilities-4/), grouped under the name Immerstar, the team has access to high level scientific facilities. This equipment benefits the research teams of the center and has allowed them to extend their local, national and international collaborations. The Immerstar platform is granted by a Inria CPER funding for 2015-2019 that enables important evolutions of the equipment. In 2016, the first technical evolutions have been decided and, in 2017, these evolutions have been implemented. On one side, for Immermove, the addition of a third face to the immersive space, and the extension of the Vicon tracking system have been realized and continued this year with 23 new cameras. And, on the second side, for Immersia, the installation of WQXGA laser projectors with augmented global resolution, of a new tracking system with higher frequency and of new computers for simulation and image generation in 2017. In 2018, a Scale One haptic device has been installed. It allows, as in the CPER proposal, one or two handed haptic feedback in the full space covered by Immersia and possibility of carrying the user.

We celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Immersia platform in November 2019 by inaugurating the new haptic equipment. We proposed scientific presentations and received 150 participants, and visits for support services where we received 50 persons.