MONC - 2019

Section: New Results

Numerical workflow for clinical electroporation ablation

Authors: Olivier Gallinato, Baudouin Denis de Senneville, Olivier Seror, Clair Poignard. Published in Physics in Medicine and Biology. https://hal.inria.fr/hal-02063020/file/paperIRE_workflow_R3.pdf.

The paper describes a numerical workflow, based on the “real-life” clinical workflow ofirreversible electroporation (IRE) performed for the treatment of deep-seated liver tumors. Thanksto a combination of numerical modeling, image registration algorithm and clinical data, our numerical workflow enables to provide the distribution of the electric field as effectively delivered by theclinical IRE procedure. As a proof of concept, we show on a specific clinical case of IRE ablation ofliver tumor that clinical data could be advantageously combined to numerical simulations in a nearfuture , in order to give to the interventional radiologists information on the effective IRE ablation.We also corroborate the simulated treated region with the post-treatment MRI performed 3 days after treatment.