Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

DGTD solver for time-domain elecromagnetics with application to geoseismics

Participants : Andreas Atle [TOTAL] , Henri Calandra [TOTAL] , Karim El Maarouf [TOTAL] , Alexis Gobé, Stéphane Lanteri, Michael Sekachev [TOTAL] .

This contract with TOTAL CSE (Computational Science and Engineering) division in Houston, Texas, is concerned with the development of a DGTD solver for applications in geoseismics. The R&D division of the EP (Oil, Gas Exploration & Production) branch of TOTAL has been interested in DG type methods since many years. It acquired a know-how on these methods and developed internally software tools integrating DG methods as solvers of the direct problem (forward propagators) in different seismic imaging processes (RTM - Reverse Time Migration, and FWI - Full Waveform Inversion). These solvers are concerned with the numerical resolution of PDE systems of acoustics and elastodynamics. TOTAL is now interested in having a similar DGTD solver for the numerical resolution of the system of time-domain Maxwell equations, in view of the development of an electromagnetic imaging process to identify conductivity of a medium. This electromagnetic imaging process would then be coupled to the existing seismic imaging ones.