Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

Collaborations in European Programs, Except FP7 & H2020

  • Program: COST

  • Project title: COST Action DNAqua.net

  • Abstract: Pleiade is responsible for the WG "Data Analysis and storage" in this action. As such, we have organized with CNR Verbana (Italy) two Europeanwide workshops: one in Lyon in February 2019, and one in Limassol (Cyprus) in October 2019. As a follow up of these workshops, Pleiade and BioGeCo will be responsible for taking in charge data analysis of OTU picking in two European wide projects:

    • a benchmark for different tools for OTU picking, with datasets from different European teams

    • a comparison between different organisms (metabarcoding inventories) for assessing the quality of the water of Danube river, in collaboration with raparian countries

  • Program: EOSC

  • Project title: EOSC-Pillar

  • Abstract: This is a follow up of our former participation in EOSC-Pilot. In collaboration with HiePACS, Pleiade is involved in task 7.4, for bringing use cases in metabarcoding as testbeds for circulation of codes between different infrastructures, including PlaFRIM.