Section: Dissemination


Articles and contents

  • Philippe Preux:

    • interviewed by Le Monde pulished in Sep 2019

    • interview on I-SITE project B4H, Inria


  • Odalric-Ambrym Maillard:

    • “Reinforcement Learning: successes and promises”, Executive Master, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, Nov 2019


  • Philippe Preux:

    • panel on “Promises and perils of AI”, CGIAR, Hyderabad, India, Oct 2019

    • panel on “AI and man”, Euratechnologies, Lille, Sep 2019

  • Yannis Flet-Berliac and Philippe Preux: panel on “Who's the pilot: man of software?”, FOOR, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, Nov 2019

  • Yannis Flet-Berliac: “Princess of parallelograms” installation (with Thomas Depas), Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, ”Damien & The Love Guru” gallery in Brussels, Belgium, Sep–Dec 2019

    Figure 1.

    Princess of parallelograms is a collaborative project between Yannis Flet-Berliac and a student from Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts. They created an interactive sculpture made of a variety of computer vision attributes: a support for anthropomorphic projections, a set of generated virtual masks, or a new form of photographic trap. When visitors stand in front of the device’s webcam, a Deep Convolutional Conditional-GAN Auto-Encoder model applies a filter on their face with virtual flesh, hair, and facial expressions in real-time. In the meantime, an emotion detection model trained on the FER-2013 dataset is running in the background. The system allows the users to actively interact with the installation. So far, the project has been exposed at Le Fresnoy and in Brussels.