Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

  • Organization of the 1st Reinforcement Learning Summer Scool: 2 weeks of lectures, keynotes, and practical sessions fully dedicated to bandits and reinforcement learning. We received about 300 applications from all around the world and selected 110 participants.

  • Julien Seznec and Michal Valko have obtained an oral at AI&Stats (2,5% acceptance rate) [32].

  • This is the ultimate SequeL highlight: after 12 years, following Inria's policy, SequeL comes to an end. We have designed a new team-project which will be named Scool .


Best Paper Award:
M. Asadi, M. S. Talebi, H. Bourel, O.-A. Maillard.

Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Exploiting State-Action Equivalence, in: ACML 2019, Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, Nagoya, Japan, 2019, vol. 101, pp. 204 - 219.