Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Christophe Genevey-Metat taught:

  • Programming in Java to Licence 1, University Rennes 1,

  • Introduction at Security to Master 1, University Rennes 1.

Cassius de Oliveira Puodzius taught:

  • 24h of Reverse Engineering + Malware analysis for the Introduction at Security to Master1 at Rennes 1,

  • 6h of Java Programming to Licence1 at ECAM Rennes.

Tania Richmond taught Physical Attacks in "Préparation à l'Agrégation" en Sciences de l'Ingénieur, ENS Rennes.


  • PhD in progress: Christophe Genevey Metat (Rennes 1): , October 2018, Jean-Marc Jezequel, Benoit Gerard, Annelie Heuser and Clementine Maurice

  • PhD in progress : Alexandre Gonzalvez, On Obfuscation via crypto primitives, April 2016, Caroline Fontaine.

  • PhD defended in 2019 : Nisrine Jafri (Rennes1), On fault Injection detection with MC of Binary code, Axel Legay and Jean-Louis Lanet.

  • PhD in progress : Tristan Ninet (Rennes 1), Vérification formelle d’une implémentation de la pile protocolaire IKEv2, December 2016, Stéphanie Delaune, Romaric Maillard and Olivier Zendra

  • PhD in progress: Lamine Nouredine (Rennes1); Automatic techniques for packing detection, classification and unpacking to stop malware propagation, November 2017, Stephane Ubeda, Olivier Zendra, Annelie Heuser.

  • PhD in progress: Cassius de Oliveira Puodzius (Rennes1); Threat malware analysis, February 2019, Ludovic Me, Olivier Zendra, Annelie Heuser.

  • PhD in progress: Duc Phuc Pham (Rennes1); Malware analysis through side-channel information, May 2019, Jean-Louis Lanet, Annelie Heuser, Olivier Zendra.


  • Annelie Heuser was a referee for the PhD defense of Nisrine Jafri (University Rennes).

  • Olivier Zendra was a member of the jury for the PhD defense of Delphine Beaulaton at University of Southern Brittany in Vannes.