Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

Kick-off of the ANR JCJC AHMA project

The ANR JCJC project lead by Annelie Heuser was kicked-off, and a PostDoc (Matthieu Mastio) and PhD (Duy Phuc Pham) have been hired. The team already created a first platform for automated hardware malware analysis. See below and in the following.

New results in the TeamPlay H2020 project, coordinator

The project is coordinated by Olivier Zendra. The TeamPlay H2020 project had a successful mid-term review in October 2019, where the reviewers stressed the quality of the overall work. We TAMIS also achieved new results on security modelling in this TeamPlay project in 2019 (see in the following).

New software and platforms

In 2019, we continued the development of several software and platforms (hardware and software), and build up four new ones:

  • E-PAC, an Evolving Packer Classifier,

  • The SABR (Semantic-driven Analysis of BinaRies) platform

  • Orqal, an efficient schedueler for docker images.

  • A Side-channel deep learning evaluation platform,

  • The AHMA (IoT malware classification through side-channel information) platform and tools.