Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Industrial contracts

Galderma Sophia-Antipolis

Participants : Sylvain Prigent, Xavier Descombes, Josiane Zerubia [PI] .

Contribution of multi and hyperspectral imaging to skin pigmentation evaluation. Contract #4383.

LIRA Consortium

Participant : Josiane Zerubia [PI] .

This consortium has been created in October 2011 between Philips, Fraunhofer Institutes and INRIA. It deals with skin care based on (cosmeto) dermatological imagery.

EADS Foundation

Participant : Josiane Zerubia [PI] .

Detection of objects in infrared imagery using phase field higher-order active contours. Contract # 4643.

DGA/MRIS Bagneux

Participants : Aurélie Voisin, Marc Berthod, Josiane Zerubia [PI] .

Development of advanced image-processing and analysis methods as a support to multi-risk monitoring of infrastructures and urban areas. Grant from the French Defense Agency, DGA.

CNES Toulouse - TAS Cannes

Participants : Mikael Carlavan, Laure Blanc-Féraud [Ariana PI] .

Optimization of the compression-restoration chain for satellite images. Grant from CNES and TAS.

FUI Gyrovision, Salon de Provence

Participants : Daniele Graziani, Laure Blanc-Féraud [Ariana PI] .

Airbone devices for survey and detection. In collaboration with ATE (PI), Dronexplorer, Nexvision, Coreti. This project has been labelled by the `pôle Pegase'.


Participants : Aurélie Voisin, Vladimir Krylov, Josiane Zerubia [Ariana PI] .

Development of stochastic models for environmental risk management using high resolution SAR data. In collaboration with G. Moser and S.Serpico[PI], from the University of Genoa (DIBE) and the Italian Space Agency (ISA).