Section: Dissemination

Conferences, seminars and meetings

  • The Ariana project-team organized numerous seminars in image processing during 2011. 11 researchers were invited from the following countries: China, France, Germany, Russia, USA. For more information, see the Ariana project-team web site.

  • Members of the Ariana project-team participated actively in the visits to INRIA Sophia Antipolis of students from the Grandes Écoles (ISAE/SUPAERO, ENS Cachan); helped students of the Classes Préparatoires with TIPE in France; and gave information on remote sensing image processing to high school students in Mauritius.

  • Saima Ben Hadj presented a poster at the conference GRETSI'11 in Bordeaux in September, and at the GDR Ondes in Nice in October. She attended the summer school EIT ICT Labs Health Retreat on computational biology during June 6-10 in Helsinki, Finland where she presented her work. She also presented a paper on automatic object extraction from aerial and satellite in Strasbourg where she got the second best student paper award of RFPT in May.

  • Ikhlef Bechar was visiting Dr Ian Jermyn at Durham University from the 6th of November 2011 until the 26th of November 2011.

  • Florence Besse presented posters and gave talks at: SIFRARN meeting, Dourdan, France; Cell biology of the neuron EMBO workshop, Heraklion, Greece; 10ème congrès de la Société des Neurosciences, Marseille, France; 11th HFSP Awardees Meeting, Montreal, Canada; RNA localization and translation meeting, EMBO/FASEB workshop, Barga, Italy; EDRC meeting, Lisbon, Portugal. She gave invited seminars at IBDML, Marseille, IGDR, Rennes and IGBMC, Strasbourg .

  • Laure Blanc-Féraud attended and presented posters at the conférences ISBI'11 and at ICASSP'11 where she also presented and chaired a session on the new trends in biological imaging. She attended and presented posters at Gretsi conference. She attended the workshop organized by the ANR Diamond in November at Mulhouse, she attended the general assembly of the GDR ISIS in Saint George de Didonne in May, she gave a talk at the scientific workshop organized by GDR MOA and MSPC in La Londe les Maures in June.

  • Mikael Carlavan attended a school entitled `Ecole de Printemps en Traitement d'Image' in Martel, France. He presented a paper at the conference NCMIP'11, Cachan, in May. He presented a paper at the conference ICIP'11 in Brussels and at the conference GRETSI'11 in Bordeaux, both in September.

  • Xavier Descombes visited the Dobrushin Laboratory (IITP, Russian Academy of Science) for one week in August. He presented one paper in ISBI'11 in Chicago and two papers in GRETSI'11 in Bordeaux. He was invited to give a tutorial at EGCM'12 in Tanger (Marocco) in November. He regularly took part in meetings with Galderma and IRD. He gave a talk in IBDC in January.

  • Daniele Graziani presented a paper at ICASSP'11 in Prague.

  • Koray Kayabol presented a paper at the conference ICIP'11 in Brussels, Belgium in September.

  • Vladimir Krylov presented a paper at the conference COMCAS'11 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and gave an invited talk at ELTA Aerospace Industries in Ashdod, Israel, both in early November. He gave invited talks at the Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China, during a 7-days visit at the end of November.

  • Florent Lafarge gave seminars at the University of Bonn, Germany, and at GDR ISIS meeting, Saint-Georges De Didonne, France. He presented his work at ICCV'11, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Sylvain Prigent presented a paper at the conference ICIP'11 in Brussels, and gave a talk at the GDR ISIS meeting in Paris, in October.

  • Yannick Verdie presented his work at the conference ICIP'11 in Brussels.

  • Aurélie Voisin presented a paper at the conference Gretsi'11 in Bordeaux (France) in September. She also presented her work during the Summer School on Image Processing (SSIP) in Szeged (Hungary) in July.

  • Josiane Zerubia visited ACRI ST in Sophia Antipolis in January. In February she participated in the CNES Research and Technology Day in Labege and she also visited Astrium EADS and Sanofi Aventis Toulouse. In March, she visited Philips in Eindhoven to attend the first LIRA Consortium meeting. In April she attended the Editorial Board meeting of SFPT at CNES in Paris. In May she was invited by the IEEE Icelandic Section to give a keynote at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik. She also gave a keynote at JDS'11 in Tunis http://jds2011.tn.refer.org/ invited by the French Society of Statistics and was part of two Masters committees at ENSI-Tunis. In June she went to IRD/UMR AMAP in Montpellier, organized a two day ANR DIAMOND meeting and a one day LIRA workshop both at INRIA SAM. In July, she went to CESBIO in Toulouse, and visited several research teams at INRIA in Bordeaux. In September, she attended GRETSI'11 in Bordeaux where she had one paper. She attended ICIP'11 in Brussels, Belgium, where she had 4 papers and chaired a session. She also participated to the IVMSP TC meeting in Brussels and was part of the organization committee of ICIP'11 as a publicity chair. She visited several teams at INRIA in Grenoble. In November, she gave a plenary talk at the IEEE/ISPRS Workshop on Computer Vision for Remote Sensing of the Environment at ICCV'11 in Barcelona http://recherche.ign.fr/isprs/CVRS/ and attended the SPECIF/Gilles Kahn PhD thesis prize committee in Paris. She also attended the ANR DIAMOND workshop in Mulhouse where she gave a brief overview as a PI of this ANR. In December, she visited Gipsa lab form INRIA Grenoble. As a PI, she regularly organized and attended meetings with Galderma in Sophia-Antipolis and meetings with ANR DIAMOND in Sophia Antipolis and Paris. As a co-PI, she also organized and participated to several meetings with IRD at UMR AMAP in Montpellier and at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis.

  • Jia Zhou presented a paper at ACPR'11 in November, Beijing, China.