DaRT is a common project with the University of Lille 1, Science and Technologies, via the Laboratory of Fundamental Computer Science of Lille (LIFL, associated to the CNRS as UMR 8022).

Beginning of the Team: 01/01/2012

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Abdoulaye Gamatié [Research scientist, UMR CNRS 8022]

Vlad Rusu [Research scientist, HdR]

Faculty Members

Jean-Luc Dekeyser [Team Leader, Professor, USTL, HdR]

Pierre Boulet [Vice-Team Leader, Professor, USTL, HdR]

Cédric Dumoulin [Associate professor, USTL]

Anne Etien [Associate professor, USTL]

Frédéric Guyomarch [Associate professor, USTL]

Philippe Marquet [Associate professor, USTL]

Samy Meftali [Associate professor, USTL, HdR]

Laure Gonnord [Associate professor, USTL]

Julien Forget [Associate professor, USTL]

External Collaborators

Rabie Ben Atitallah [Associate professor, UVHC]

Smaïl Niar [Professor, UVHC, HdR]


Thomas Legrand [Software Engineer, INRIA]

Alexis Muller [Transfer and innovation Engineer, INRIA]

Emmanuel Leguy [Research Engineer, USTL]

Rahma Yangui [Software Engineer, INRIA]

PhD Students

Wendell Rodrigues [VALEO and Regional grant]

Chiraz Trabelsi [INRIA grant]

Adolf Abdallah [ATER untill March 2011]

Vincent Aranega [French Minister grant and ATER]

Sana Cherif [ANR Famous]

Hana Krichen [co-advising USTL-ENIS Sfax]

Majdi Elhaji [co-advising USTL-Univ Monastir]

Amen Souissi [CIFRE Ecreall]

Georges Afonso [CIFRE EADS-Eurocopter]

Santosh-Kumar Rethinagiri [ANR Open-people, UVHC]

Paméla Wattebled [ANR Famous, UBS]

Amine El Kouhen [CEA grant, Univ Lille1]

Andrei Arusoaie [co-advising Univ. of Iasi (Roumanie), since Oct. 2011]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Christophe Calvès [PostDoc, INRIA]

Administrative Assistant

Karine Lewandowski [INRIA]