Section: Software

Model Driven Factory

Participants : Alexis Muller, Anne Etien [correspondant] , Thomas Legrand.

MDFactory is a Model Driven Engineering environment to design, develop and run software production chains. This tool supports our approach based on localized transformation and our Extend operator [96] . It provides a graphical editor to build such production chains with drag and drop from a reusable transformation library. MDFactory is based on the Eclipse platform and the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). It is used to build Gaspard2 integrated transformation chains. This software will be transfered to the start up company Axellience.

  • Software data: plugins number around 75

  • Evaluation of the software: A 4; SO 4; SM 2; EM 3; SDL 3; DA 4; CD 3; MS 2; TPM 2

  • Version: 1.0