Section: New Results

Application case-studies

Experimentations for electromagnetism simulations

The electrical and electronic engineering has used parallel programming to solve its large scale complex problems for performance reasons. However, as parallel programming requires a non-trivial distribution of tasks and data, developers find it hard to implement their applications effectively. Thus, we used our approach, based on Model Driven Engineering (MDE) and the MARTE profile, to generate code for a sparse solver and achieve a good speed-up. Moreover, thanks to model reuse capacity, we can add/change functionalities or the target architecture and still keep a good scalability.

H.264 modeling on NoC, implementation and synthesis

In addition, the H.264 coder is modeled using MARTE profile and a hardware description for all components is proposed. particularly the Motion Estimation (ME), adopts many new features to increase the coding performance such as block matching algorithm, motion vector prediction, variable block size motion estimation, etc. However, VBSME is utilized in the MPEG4-AVC/H.264 standard which leads to a higher computational complexity and a higher data dependence that makes the hardware implementation very complex. The aime of our work is to propose a VLSI architecture for full-search VBSME (FSVBSME). This contribution allows the reusing smaller sub-blocks for the computation results, sharing sub-blocks comparator and offering low power consumption.