Section: Software

Gaspard 2

Participants : Jean-Luc Dekeyser [correspondant] , All DaRT team.

Gaspard2 is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SoC visual co-modeling. It allows or will allow modeling, simulation, testing and code generation of SoC applications and hardware architectures. Its purpose is to provide a single environment for all the SoC development processes:

  • High level modeling of applications and hardware architectures

  • Application and hardware architecture association (mapping and scheduling)

  • Application refactoring

  • Deployment specification

  • Model to model transformation (to automatically produce models for several target platforms)

  • Code generation

  • Simulation

  • Reification of any stages of the development

The Gaspard2 tool is based on the Eclipse [62] IDE. A set of plugins provides the different functionalities. Gaspard2 provides an internal engine to execute transformation chains. This engine is able to run either QVT (OMG standard) or Java transformations. It is also able to run model-to-text transformations based on Acceleo [64] . The Gaspard2 engine is defined to execute models conform to an internal transformation chains meta-model. A GUI has been developed to specify transformation chain models by drawing them. For the final user, application, hardware architecture, association, deployment and technology models are specified and manipulated by the developer through UML diagrams, and saved by the UML tool in an XMI file format. Gaspard2 manipulates these models through repositories (Java interfaces and implementations) automatically generated thanks to the Ecore specification. Several transformation chains are provided with Gaspard2 to target, from UML models, several execution or simulation platforms (OpenMP, OpenCL, Pthread, SystemC, VHDL, ...). This input language is based on the MARTE UML profile. A tool to generate SIMD configurations derived from the mppSoC model was developed. It allows to automatically generate the VHDL code from a high specification modeled at a high abstraction level (UML model using MARTE profile) based on the IP mppSoC library. The developed tool facilitates to the user to choose a SIMD configuration adapted to his application needs. It has been integrated in the Gaspard environment. Gaspard2 as an educational resource.  The Gaspard2 platform was one of the topics taught in the context of the courses on embedded systems in Telecom Lille and in a Master 2 (TNSI) lecture " Design tools for embedded systems" at the University of Valenciennes. These lectures focused on the potentiality to generate several targets from a subset of the Marte profile and the ability to target system on chip architectures at the TLM level respectively. Furthermore, the model driven engineering characteristics of Gaspard2 are largely detailed in the lecture of Software engineering at Polytech Lille and in the Master of research at university of Lille too.

  • See also the web page http://www.gaspard2.org/

  • Inria softwre evaluation: A-2, SO-4, SM-2, EM-1, SDL-2, DA-4, CD-4, MS-4, TPM4

  • Version: 2.1.0