Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Japan-France Integrated Action Program "SAKURA and AYAME Junior"

Participant : Mitsuhiro Hayashibe.

"Modele Neuromusculaire du Corps Humain et ses Applications pour la Rehabilitation par la Stimulation Electrique Fonctionnelle", Funding for exchange supported by JSPS and INRIA 2010-2011.

INRIA Associate Teams

  • Title: @WALK(Artificial Walking)

  • INRIA principal investigator: Philippe Fraisse

  • International Partner:

    • Institution: Stanford University (United States)

    • Laboratory: Artifical Intelligence Lab

  • Duration: 2010 - 2012

  • See also: http://www.lirmm.fr/~fraisse/@WALK/

  • The motivation approach is the complementary research works of these teams. Indeed, a collaborative project should give an additional value to their research results. On one hand, the DEMAR Project Team has experience in Functional Electrical Stimulation to restore or modulate movements on spinal cord injured patients and post stroke patients. In both pathologies researches on assisted gait using FES (for paraplegics with a walker and hemiplegics) are carried out in the team. On the other hand, the Robotics research group (Stanford) carries out manipulation tasks with a humanoid robot under equilibrium constraints. Within the framework of the previous collaboration, the crossed visits and seminars last year led us to work on two different directions: - FES muscle modeling in Opensim framework - Control mechanisms underlying age-related changes in motor control strategies during Sit-To-Stand.

INRIA International Partners

  • Collaborative Research agreement on Academic Co-operation (contrat sans financement) "Neuromuscular function analysis and identification for Rehabilitation" Partner: University of Tokyo (Prof. Yoshihiko Nakamura) Duration: 2011 - 2014