Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Isabelle Chrisment [contact] , Andrea Oroseanu.


January 2008 - July 2011


LIP6-CNRS UPMC Paris 6, INRIA Nancy Grand-Est (MADYNES)

MAPE (Measurement and Analysis of Peer-to-peer Exchanges for pedocriminality fighting and traffic profiling) is a research project funded by the French Research Agency (ANR). The goal of the project is to measure and analyze peer-to-peer exchanges for paedocriminality fighting and traffic profiling.

The main MADYNES contributions to this project are related to the active measurements and the analysis at the application level. The active measurement requires the design of a distributed measurement infrastructure, in order to achieve the best complementarity among the different measurement clients. The issues in the analysis at the application level raises some research questions about how communities are structured and how this can be observed both active and passive measurements.