Section: Software


Participants : Laurent Ciarletta, Julien Siebert [main developer] .

This work is undertaken in a joint Phd Thesis between the Madynes and MAIA Teams. Vincent Chevrier (MAIA team, LORIA) has been co-advisor of this PhD and correspondant for this software.

Other contributors to this software are: Tom Leclerc (Madynes), Francois Klein, Christophe Torin, Marcel Lamenu, Guillaume Favre and Amir Toly.

MASDYNE (Multi-Agent Simulator of DYnamic Networks usErs) is a multi-agent simulator for modeling and simulating users behaviors in mobile ad hoc network. This software is part of joint work with MAIA team, on modeling and simulation of ubiquitous networks.

It has been notably coupled with a network simulator (JANE : Java Adhoc Network Development Environment) to advanced behavior capabilities to standard network simulations.