Section: Software

Génolevures On Line: Comparative Genomics of Yeasts

Participants : David James Sherman, Pascal Durrens [correspondant] , Natalia Golenetskaya, Tiphaine Martin.

The Génolevures online database provides tools and data for exploring the annotated genome sequences of more than 20 genomes, determined and manually annotated by the Génolevures Consortium to facilitate comparative genomic studies of hemiascomycetous yeasts. Data are presented with a focus on relations between genes and genomes: conservation of genes and gene families, speciation, chromosomal reorganization and synteny. The Génolevures site includes an area for specific studies by members of its international community.

Génolevures online uses the Magus system for genome navigation, with project-specific extensions developed by David Sherman, Pascal Durrens, and Tiphaine Martin. An advanced query system for data mining in Génolevures is being developed by Natalia Golenetskaya. The contents of the knowledge base are expanded and maintained by the CNRS through GDR 2354 Génolevures. Technical support for Génolevures On Line is provided the CNRS through UMR 5800 LaBRI.

For more information see genolevures.org , the Génolevures web site.