Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Visits of International Scientists

Participants : Vsevolod Makeev, Artëm Kasianov, Marie Llubères.

Vsevolod Makeev (Senior Researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vavilov Institute) has been a collaborator for several years. He and his student Artëm Kasianov made several visits to Inria in 2011, and worked with us on genome assembly algorithms, computational identification of sequence motifs, and distributed algorithms for data mining. Vsevolod Makeev was a visiting CNRS Senior Researcher in the LaBRI and Magnome for three months in the Fall of 2011.

Marie Llubères visited Magnome from the University of Puerto Rico for two months on a grant from the NSF PIRE program. She worked on hierarchical modeling of biological systems and specifically on bijections between Probabilistic Boolean Networks and the Stochastic Transition Systems used in the BioRica framework.


Participant : Hugo Campbell Sills.

Hugo Campbell Sills came to Magnome on an Inria International Internship in the Summer of 2011, and worked on single-nucleotide polymorphism discovery and effects in twelve œnological yeast genomes.

Participation In International Programs

Génolevures and Dikaryome Consortia

Participants : David James Sherman [correspondant] , Pascal Durrens, Tiphaine Martin, Nicolás Loira, Anasua Sarkar, Anna Zhukova, Florian Lajus.

Since 2000 our team is a member of the Génolevures Consortium (GDR CNRS), a large-scale comparative genomics project that aims to address fundamental questions of molecular evolution through the sequencing and the comparison of 14 species of hemiascomycetous yeasts. The Consortium is comprised of 16 partners, in France, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands (see http://genolevures.org/ ). Within the Consortium, our team is responsible for bioinformatics, for research in new methods of analysis. Pascal Durrens and Tiphaine Martin of the CNRS are responsible for the development of resources for exploiting comparative genomic data. Pascal Durrens is the editorial manager of the Génolevures on-line resource.

The Dikaryome Consortium is a scientific collaboration between several international partners and the National Center for Sequencing (CEA–Génoscope, Évry) on the sequencing, annotation, and comparative analysis of fungal genomes.

These perennial collaborations continue in two ways. First, a number of new projects are underway, concerning several new genomes currently being sequenced, and new questions about the mechanisms of gene formation. Second, through the development and improvement of the Génolevures On Line database, in whose maintenance our team has a longstanding committment.