Section: Dissemination

Animation of the scientific community

David Sherman is member of the editorial board of the journal Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, and reviewer for several in the bioinformatics field.

David Sherman was external reviewer and member of the thesis defense jury for Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis, Grenoble. He was a member and president of the jury for the thesis defense of Anne-Laure Gaillard, Bordeaux. He was thesis director and member of the jury for the thesis defense of Rodrigo Assar. He was a member of the HDR defense jury for Patrick Lucas, Bordeaux.

Pascal Durrens is responsible for scientific diffusion, and David Sherman is head of Bioinformatics, for the Génolevures Consortium.

Pascal Durrens is leader of the “Comparative Genomics” theme and member of the Scientific Council of the LaBRI UMR 5800/CNRS

Tiphaine Martin is member of the Local Committee and member of Local Committee for Occupational Health and Safety of the INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest.

Tiphaine Martin is member of the GIS-IBiSA GRISBI-Bioinformatics Grid working group.

Tiphaine Martin and David Sherman are members of the Institut de Grilles, and Tiphaine is active in the Biology/Health working group.

Elisabeth Bon is member of the “Comité Technique Paritaire” (2008-2011) and the “Comité Technique de Proximité” (since 2011-10-20) at the Segalen Bordeaux University