Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

Collaborations in FP7 European Programs

Project RE@CT

Participants : Jean-Sébastien Franco, Edmond Boyer.

  • Program: FP7 ICT STREP

  • Project acronym: RE@CT


  • Duration: 12/2011 - 12/2013

  • Coordinator: BBC (UK)

  • Other partners: Fraunhofer HHI (Germany), University of Surrey (UK), Artefacto (France), OMG (UK).

  • Abstract: RE@CT will introduce a new production methodology to create film-quality interactive characters from 3D video capture of actor performance. Recent advances in graphics hardware have produced interactive video games with photo-realistic scenes. However, interactive characters still lack the visual appeal and subtle details of real actor performance as captured on film. In addition, existing production pipelines for authoring animated characters are highly labour intensive. RE@CT aims to revolutionise the production of realistic characters and significantly reduce costs by developing an automated process to extract and represent animated characters from actor performance capture in a multiple camera studio. The key innovation is the development of methods for analysis and representation of 3D video to allow reuse for real-time interactive animation. This will enable efficient authoring of interactive characters with video quality appearance and motion. The project builds on the latest advances in 3D and free-viewpoint video from the contributing project partners. For interactive applications, the technical challenges are to achieve another step change in visual quality and to transform captured 3D video data into a representation that can be used to synthesise new actions and is compatible with current gaming technology.

Collaborations in European Programs, except FP7

Project iGlance

Participants : Gaëtan Janssens, Edmond Boyer.

  • Program: MEDEA

  • Project acronym: iGlance

  • Duration: 09/2008 - 09/2011

  • Coordinator: ST Micro Electronics

  • Other partners: Philips research (Holland), the university of Eindhoven(Holland), 4D View solutions (France), Silicon Hive (Holland), Logica (France), Task 24 (Holland), Verum (Holland), Tima (France).

  • Abstract: The primary goal of the iGlance project is to define a complete end-to-end 3D image chain for both consumer 3DTV applications and healthcare applications. The project includes the study and the realization of a 3DTV receiver that will be compliant with the consumer market requirements in term of cost, time to market, and interoperability.

    The secondary goal of the project is to take benefits of the received 3D data to make interactive free viewpoint selection possible in 3D TV broadcasted media. This means that the viewer can select and interactively change the viewpoint of a stereoscopic streamed video. The interactivity is enabled by broadcasting a number of video streams from several viewpoints, consisting of a traditional 2D video and additionally depth information for each frame. Any desired view location in-between is generated by free viewpoint interpolation, using the depth information. The interpolated images are then displayed on a stereoscopic screen, giving a 3D impression to the audience.

Major European Organizations with which you have followed Collaborations

Universita di Genova, Dipartimento di Informatica e Scienze dell'Informazione (Italy)

In the context of the IDEAL project (jointly with the IMAGINE Inria team), we investigate with Leila de Floriani the topological decomposition of simplicial shapes, in order to classify of non-manifold singularities.

Forest Research, Centre for Forestry and Climate Change (UK)

As part of the PlantScan3D project, we work with Eric Casella on processing laser scans of trees and plants. More specifically, we try to recover global and local information about the plant from a single point cloud, without normals nor color information.