Section: Overall Objectives

Members complementarity

The members of the Non-A project work in different places: Lille, Reims and Nancy; they share the algebraic tool and the non-asymptotic estimation goal, which constitute the natural kernel of the project. Each of them contributes to both theoretical and applied sides of the global project. The following table draws up a scheme of some of their specialities.

Table 1.
Upstream ResearchesApplication Fields
ReimsSignal - Numerical analysisDenoising - Demodulation -
CReSTICBiomedical signal processing
CergyNonlinear observers -Cryptography -
ECSHybrid systemsMulti-cell chopper/converter
LilleApplied mathematicsHigh performance machining -
ENSAMPrecision sensors, AFM(Atomic Force Microscope, for which fast filtering is required)
LilleDelay systems -
LAGISNonlinear control - ObserversMagnetic bearings - Friction estimation -
(finite-time/unknown input)Networked control - Robotics
NancyDiagnosis - Control - SignalIndustrial processes -
CRANSignal & image processing