Section: Software

DiaSuiteBox : an Open Service Platform

Participants : Benjamin Bertran [correspondent] , Julien Bruneau, Charles Consel, Emilie Balland.

The DiaSuiteBox platform runs an open-ended set of applications leveraging a range of appliances and web services. Our solution consists of a dedicated development environment, a certifying application store, and a lightweight runtime platform. This solution is based on the DiaSuite project.

Figure 3. DiaSuiteBox platform architecture

The DiaSuiteBox platform can be embedded in a small plug-computer. This box can be easily deployed, runs silently, and has a reduced energy consumption. Thanks to the application store and the developer community, the platform is fed by a full offer of new innovative applications. During the submission process, an application is automatically analyzed and checked in order to be certified. The user is ensured of the behavior of its applications are innocuous and correct beside the provided information. This box relies on several technology standards like UPnP, Bluetooth, USB, etc. As shown in Figure 3 , this platform can be easily extended by plugging appliances directly on the box or by connecting devices on the local network.

See also the web page http://diabox.inria.fr .